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By popular request, a key to the characters

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Volume 1

Madame C- C-: Clorinda Cathcart, the memoirist

Her household: Hector (Wilson), her black manservant; Seraphine (Pyecroft), his mixed-race cousin, the cook; (Thomasina) Docket, a lady's maid; Phoebe, Hector's sister, the housemaid, later advanced to housekeeper; Tibby (Phillips), a housemaid who aspires to become a lady's maid; Euphemia (Bennett), kitchen-maid; Prue (Brown), under-housemaid; Titus (Marshall), Hector's nephew, odd-job boy

The Reverend Mr A-: The Reverend Mr Armitage, parson in the London parish where Clorinda resides

Miss A-: Amelia Addington, actress

Bellamy: Lady Wallace’s lady’s maid

Miss B-: the late Miss Billston, a distant cousin of Lady Jane Beaufoyle, and her lover, a talented amateur composer

Mrs (‘Aunty’) Black: a midwife

*Mr B-: Mr Boxtell, a banker

Mamzelle Bridgette, a supposedly French modiste, real name Biddy Smith, an old friend of Docket

Mr C-: Mr Carter, surgeon to the antipodean expedition

Miss D-: Miss Daniels, a gossip of the demimonde

Mr de C-: Raoul de Cleraut, painter of French émigré origin

Dorcas (Chapman): a cousin to several in Clorinda’s household, maid to Miss Addington

The dreadfull crocodile: Old Lady Wallace, mother to Sir Barton Wallace

M. Duval: Lord Raxdell’s chef de cuisine

The Earl of E-: The Earl of Erringe, an elderly and debauched nobleman

Mr E-: Mr Evenden, FRS, a chemist

*Mr F-: Josiah Ferraby, ironmaster and civic improver; married to Eliza Ferraby; children Harry, Elizabeth (Bess), Margaret (Meg), Josiah (Josh) and Quintus

Frederique: Lord Raxdell’s valet

Mr G-: Mr Gaffney, a second-rate tragedian

Miss G-: Abigail Gowing, a courtesan, dear friend of Clorinda and a noted gamester

Mr G- D-: Mr Gordon Duncan, a singer

*Mr H-: Mr Hacker, FRCS, surgeon, anatomist and man-midwife

*Sir V- H-: Sir Vernon Horrobin, of the Embassy at Washington,

Lady J-: Lady Jane Beaufoyle, sister to the Duke of Mulcaster

*Mr J-: Mr Harold (formerly Hywel) Jenkins, an actor-manager

Dr J-: Dr Jessop, a physician at Harrogate

*Admiral, formerly Captain, K-: Admiral Knighton, RN

The K-s: the Knowles family: Miss Viola Knowles (little V), her twin brother Sebastian, her father, a wealthy City businessman, her mother, her elder half-sister Miss (Martha) Knowles, engaged to Jacob Samuels

Miss L-: Miss Lewis, a professional pianist, devoted friend of Miss McKeown

Madame Lisette, born Bessie Wilcox, another supposedly French modiste

Mr MacD-: Alexander MacDonald, MA, Sandy, secretary to Lord R-

Miss McK-: Miss McKeown, a professional singer, devoted friend of Miss Lewis, kept by Mr Boxtell

Duke of M-: see Lord S-

Maggy: Miss Addington’s dresser

Miss M-: Miss Minton, an actress

The Reverend Mr M-: Mr Morrison, headmaster of a boys’ school attended by the elder Ferraby boys

Mr N-: Mr Nixon, of the Home Office

Mrs O’C-: Mrs O’Callaghan, an Irish supposed widow, neé Mary Theresa O’Grady; Mr O’C-: Mr O’Callaghan, her scoundrel husband

Mr O’D-: Mr O’Donnell, a gentleman about Town with aspirations to Miss Lewis’s favours, under treatment by Mr Hacker for an unmentionable disease

*Mr P-: Mr Pargiter, a dramatic critic who publishes under the style of Aristarchus

Lord P-: The Earl of Pockinford, famed connoisseur of cows

Mr Q-: Mr Quennell, an attorney

*Lord R-: Gervase Reveley, Viscount Raxdell; aka Milord, G

*Mr R-/Sir Z- R-: Mr Robinson, RA, a painter, subsequently Sir Zoffany Robinson

*Lord S-, subsequently Duke of M-: Beaufoyle Beaufoyle, Lord Sallington, heir to the Duke of Mulcaster, succeeds on his father’s sudden death: Biffle to his intimates

Mr S-: Mr (Jacob) Samuels, a Jewish geologist affianced to the elder Miss Knowles

Miss T-: Miss (Katherine) Thorne, a not so very young lady having a London Season, a friend of Susannah Wallace

The Reverend Mr T-: Mr (Thomas) Thorne, a clergyman with scientific and mathematical interests

Signor V-: Signor Vivanti, an Italian violinist and patron of Miss Lewis

*Sir B- W-: Sir Barton Wallace, MP, man about town and gamester, a quondam favourite of Clorinda but enjoying the favours of Miss Gowing prior to his marriage to Lady (Susannah) Wallace

*Major W-: Major (Arbuthnot) Wallace, a cousin of Sir Barton Wallace, lately serving at the Cape

Williams: the Duchess of Mulcaster's lady’s maid

*General Y-: General Yeomans, of the Honourable East India Company’s Madras forces, retired

An as yet unnamed journeyman printer (Alf)

A wombatt, initially in the possession of Mr Thorne, but given by him to Sir Zoffany Robinson before setting out on the antipodean expedition

Volume 2: Changes in station and new characters

Martha Knowles is now married to Jacob Samuels

Miss Daniels is now the resident mistress/housekeeper of Mr Nixon, and also the lover of Mr Jenkins

Mrs O’Callaghan now keeps house for Mr Pargiter, while also conducting a remunerative business in special pleasures for gentlemen. She has obtained a formal deed of separation from Mr O’Callaghan, who languishes in debtors’ prison

Titus, under the guidance of Mr Gordon Duncan pursues a career as a singer

Ajax (Wilson): relative of Hector, former jockey, now employed as groom and coachman

Mr D-: Mr Dunlop, a surgeon

The Reverend Mr G-: Mr Gorston, clergyman of the Surrey parish in which Clorinda’s property inherited from General Yeomans lies

Minnie Harding, an unfortunate young woman employed as a wet-nurse

Julius, Seraphine’s son by Mr Evenden

Mr L-: Mr Lester, a banker in Surrey

The Duchess of Mulcaster, formerly Miss Katherine Thorne: Kitty

Miss N-: Miss (Lucy) Netherne, governess to the Ferrabys

Elisha Roberts, gardener at the Surrey property, Methodist lay preacher

Mrs T-: Mrs Thorne, wife of the Reverend Mr Thorne, formerly Abigail Gowing, embarked with the antipodean expedition

Madame Z-: Madame Zelide, an eminent courtesan to whom Clorinda and Abigail Gowing were apprenticed

Volume 3: Changes in station and new characters

Seraphine and Roberts are married and are now cook and gardener respectively in Lord Raxdell’s household

Mr Gorston is revealed as heir presumptive to the Marquess of Bexbury

Mr O’Callaghan is deceased of jail-fever

The Grand Turk = Josiah Ferraby

The wild girl = Eliza Ferraby

Bellairs: a school-fellow of Harry and Josh Ferraby

The Marquess of B-, Lord B-: Aubrey, Marquess of Bexbury, old friend of Lord Raxdell, normally resident at Naples

T’other Lady B-: Belinda, Marchioness of Bexbury, estranged but still legal wife of Mr Gorston

Celeste (Blake): new maidservant in Clorinda’s household

Rowley D-: Rowley Dabney, nephew of the Marquess of Bexbury, member of Lord Raxdell's fribble set, lately deceased in a driving accident

Flora, Clorinda’s daughter by Josiah Ferraby, adopted by the Ferrabys

Herr H-, Fraulein H-: Herr (Franz) Hahn, a flautist; sister Fraulein (Gretchen) Hahn, a tutor in German

Betty Higgins, a wet-nurse

Jerome (Fallon): relative of Hector, new valet to Lord Raxdell

Marcello: Lord Bexbury’s devoted Neapolitan attendant and lover

Patty: the Ferrabys’ nurserymaid, formerly Quintus’ wet-nurse

Captain P-: Captain Penkarding, a former Army officer, eloped with Belinda, wife of Mr Gorston

Lord S-: Lord Sallington, Essie, son and heir of the Duke of Mulcaster

Timothy (Smith): joins Clorinda’s household in the place of Titus, whose musical career is developing

The U-s: Mr and Mrs Ulrichs, friends of Jacob Samuels’ family, tenants of Clorinda Cathcart’s Surrey property

Lord V-: Viscount Vinwich, a fribble in Lord Raxdell’s circle

Bobbie Wallace: son of Sir Barton and Susannah Wallace

Mr W-: Elias Winch, a comic actor

Volume 4: Changes in station and new characters

Lady B-: Clorinda is now the Dowager Marchioness of Bexbury, Lady Bexbury

Lord B-, The Marquess of B-: The Marquess of Bexbury: formerly The Reverend Mr Gorston, of the Surrey parish in which Madame Clorinda’s property inherited from General Yeomans lies; now an incarcerate lunatic

Miss Daniels is now Mrs Nixon

Docket has been revealed as a transwoman

Viola Knowles is now Duchess of Mulcaster

Tibby has become lady’s maid to the Duchess of Mulcaster and is now styled Phillips

Major Wallace has been posted to Upper Canada

Mr A-: Mr Abbott, a provincial surgeon-apothecary

Addy: the Samuels' maidservant

Alf: journeyman printer who finds it prudent to go to Naples to assist Marcello with setting up a secret printing press

The Contessa: The Contessa di Serrante, an elderly Neapolitan noblewoman of revolutionary sympathies

Roberto C-: Roberto Croce, a Neapolitan lawyer

Mr D-: Mr Dalgleish, an engineer and inventor, assistant in the Ferraby ironworks

Dawkins, butler at Raxdell House

Guiseppina, the cook at the late Marquess’ Naples villa, reputed a strega

Lieutenant Horrocks, RN: one of Admiral Knighton’s officers, a relative of the Dukes of Mulcaster

Jackson, a school-fellow of Harry and Josh Ferraby

Matt Johnson, a Bow Street Runner

*The Junker: the Junker von Ehleben, ‘the Prussian’

Mr L-: Mr Lowndes, a newspaper editor

Father O’D-: Father O’Donaghue, a Catholic priest in London, formerly a United Irishman

Mrs P- and Miss W-: Mrs Potter, a Unitarian widow, and Miss Welch, also a Unitarian, philanthropic ladies

Miss R-: Miss (Clara) Richardson, an actress, niece to Mr Winch

Hannah Clorinda Roberts: daughter of Seraphine and Roberts

Thomas, a footman at Mulcaster House

Mr van H-: Mr van Huygen, a Dutch artist resident in London

Mr and Mrs V-: Mr and Mrs Veriker, botanists, friends of Jacob Samuels

Sukey (Susannah) Wallace: daughter of Sir Barton and Susannah Wallace

Volume 5: Changes in station and new characters

Josiah Ferraby has been elected to Parliament: the Ferraby household now resides in the east wing of Raxdell House and Eliza Ferraby oversees both establishments

Phoebe has married Raoul de Clerault

Dorcas is now housekeeper in Clorinda’s establishment, replaced as Miss Addington’s maid by Rose (Marshall)

Thomas from Mulcaster House has a disposition to court Euphemia

It has been revealed that although Belinda Gorston eloped with Captain Penkarding, they are actually good friends and business partners in breeding and training horses: his inclinations are to his own sex, and she is uninterested in either

Danvers D-: Danvers Dalrymple, a wealthy fribble in Lord Raxdell’s set

Mrs D-: Mrs Dalrymple, his mother

Deacon Brodie: pseudonym of Alexander MacDonald when writing literary and theatrical criticism

Foliott Fanshawe: a member of Lord Raxdell’s fribble set

Herr F-: Herr (Ludwig) Fuchs, a Bavarian violincellist, affianced to Fraulein Hahn

Josephine, a donkey for the Raxdell House nursery set

Dolly Mutton, keeper of a respectable lodging house and coffee shop in Covent Garden

*Sir V- P-, MP, the old sheep, the antient ram: Sir Vincent Pottleby, MP for the borough of T- and obsequiously dedicated to the interests of the Dukes of Mulcaster

Mrs Wilkins, housekeeper at Raxdell House

Volume 6: Changes in station and new characters

Hector and Euphemia have reached an understanding

Danvers Dalrymple has set up Miss Richardson in an establishment along with her uncle Mr Winch

Sophy (Lacey), a relative of Hector’s, comes as assistant to Docket

Mrs Knowles has died after a long and mysterious illness

Mr O- B- and Mrs O- B-: Mr Oliver Brumpage, MP, a cotton magnate, and his wife, a very fine singer

Mr and Mrs Dilmer, butler and housekeeper in Lord Raxdell’s country house at A-

The D-s: the Duggetts, the family employing Eleanor Netherne

Ellie N-, the elder Miss N-: Eleanor Netherne, elder sister to the Ferraby’s governess

Miss Grosvenor: former governess of the Contessa

The Earl of I-: the Earl of Isbiston, formerly Lord Jussing, an acquaintance of the Contessa

Mr I: Mr Inglis, business manager of the theatre

Jezebel, Jezzie-girl: Clorinda’s fine mare

Mr and Mrs D- K-: Mr Darton Kendall MP and Mrs (Barbara) Darton Kendall: an unpleasant couple in very poor ton

The Graf von M-: The Graf von Muhlen, of the Bavarian Embassy in London

Mrs L-: Mrs Leawright, mother of a gossiping girl in Bess and Meg’s dancing class

Little Puggsiekins: Miss Richardson’s pug, a present from Danvers Dalrymple

Maurice (Allard), a relative of Seraphine’s, finds employment as a modiste with Mamzelle Bridgette

Pussy, Dolly Mutton’s cat

Mr R- O-: Mr Ranulph Osgood, a sinister fellow

Reynaldo di S-: Reynaldo di Serrante, nephew to the Contessa, an impetuously revolutionary young fellow

Tommie, Clorinda and unnamed twins Thorne: the offspring of the Reverend Mr and Mrs Thorne

Lord and Lady T-: the Earl of Trembourne, a reforming nobleman, and the Countess of Trembourne, a lady of most exacting manners

Mr W- Y-: Mr Walter Yewall, MP, a bad poet

Sir H- Z- and Lady Z-: Sir Hartley Zellen, MP and Lady (Honoria) Zellen

Volume 7: Changes in station and new characters

Hector and Euphemia are married

Boots, Josh’s pony

Captain C-: Captain Collins, a fellow-officer of Major Wallace, currently invalided home from Nova Scotia

Copping, lady’s maid to Lady Demington and Agnes Simpson

Lord D-: Lord Demington, son and heir of Lord Pockinford

Lady D-: Lady Demington, formerly Miss Theodora Simpson of Buxton

Lord and Lady G-: Baron and Baroness Gartslade

Mrs L- J-: Mrs Leighton Jones, a lady in Society and her husband, Mr Leighton Jones, a dedicated fisherman

The Reverend Mr L-: the Reverend Mr Lucas, curate in the parish in which Clorinda’s Surrey property lies, scholar of Hebrew

Mr McA-: Mr McAllan, engineer at Lady Bexbury’s lead-mine

Mr M-: Mr Marston, manager of Lady Bexbury’s lead-mine

Nell (Jupp): young girl hired to come in daily to clean the mews cottage

Mr Miles O’N-: Mr Miles O’Neill, an Irish horse-breeder and former aspirant to Mrs O’Callaghan

Herr P-: Herr (Karl) Paffenrath, a radical philosopher of Jewish descent, in voluntary exile from Bavaria

Miss S-: Agnes Simpson, elder sister of Lady Demington, a wealthy heiress

Mr W-: Mr Watson, secretary to Lord and Lady Trembourne

Volume 8: Changes in station and new characters

Lavinia A-: sister to Mr Abbott

Alice, Phoebe’s maid

Lord A-: Viscount Abertyldd, one of Lord Raxdell’s fribble set

Lady Catherine (Cathy) Beaufoyle, daughter of Biffle and Viola

Brownlee: lady’s maid to the Merrett sisters

Charlotte (Charley), Cecilia (Cissie) and Dorothy (Dodo) B-: the daughters of Mr and Mrs Oliver Brumpage

Connolly: lady’s maid to Mrs Darton Kendall

Dandy, a kitten in Clorinda’s household

Camille de Clerault, son of Raoul and Phoebe (died in infancy)

Jennie, a sewing maid at M- House, walking out with Thomas, desirous of becoming a lady’s maid

Lord K-: Lord Ketterwell, heir to Lord Trembourne

Letty, Miss Richardson's dresser

Lady Anna M- (Nan) : Lady Anna Merrett, eldest daughter of the Earl of Nuttenford

Lady Emily M- (Em): Lady Emily Merrett, middle daughter of the Earl of Nuttenford

Lady Louisa M- (little Lou): Lady Louisa Merrett, youngest daughter of the Earl of Nuttenford

The Honorable Geoffrey M-: Mr Geoffrey Merrett, third son of the Earl of Nuttenford

Laetitia Merrett, aunt and chaperone to the Merrett sisters, now married and gone to Bombay

Mittens, a kitten at Raxdell House

Mouse, Quintus’s pony

Lady N-: Hester, Countess of Nuttenford, an invalid lady

Lord N-: the Earl of Nuttenford, a passionate amateur botanist and horticulturalist

Sir P- O-: Sir Philip Ollifaunt, a Leicestershire landowner with a great fondness for cricket

Master O-, Tom O-: Tom Ollifaunt, son of Sir Philip

Miss Constance P-: sister to Sir Vincent Pottleby

Pounce, a kitten in Clorinda’s household

Mr R-: Mr Randall, a surgeon-apothecary recommended to run the dispensary at Clorinda’s lead-mine

Deborah Samuels, daughter of Jacob and Martha

Selina, Lady Nuttenford’s Persian cat

Sheba: pseudonym of Tibby Phillips when writing fashion hints for Mr Lowndes' newspaper

Lord U-: (Charles) Lord Undersedge, eldest son and heir of the Earl of Nuttenford

Josh’s menagerie: the offspring of Sir Zoffany’s wombatt, a young badger, a pair of ferrets, and a cage of dormice

Volume 9: Changes in station and new characters

Arabella, an under-cook in the Raxdell House kitchens

Molly Binns, a Covent Garden Miss kept by Mr Perkins

Mr C-: Mr Chester, political secretary to Lord Trembourne

*Sir C- F-: Sir Charles Fairleigh, a country squire and agricultural improver, godfather to Lord Undersedge, the devoted and unrequited lover of the Countess of Nuttenford

Don Hernando, owner of a remote estancia in the Spanish Americas

Doňa Inès, his illegimate mestizo daughter, later Sor Catarina

Mr McN-: Mr McNair, a classics tutor

The Honourable Edward M-: The Honourable Edward Merrett, middle son of the Earl of Nuttenford

Nicholls: a groom at Pockinford House, runs a betting-ring

Nick (Jupp): brother of Nell, comes to work in Clorinda’s stable

The Marquess of O-: The Marquess of Offgrange, formerly Lord Anthony Ambert, FRS, botanist and explorer

Mr Perkins, a fellow who is not what he seems

Freiherr von D-: Freiherr von Denke, an attaché at the Bavarian Embassy

Volume 10: Changes in station and new characters

Mr Dalgleish and Lavinia Abbott are now engaged

Arabella is now cook at Offgrange House

Mrs Atkins: housekeeper at Offgrange House, wife to a transported convict

Carew: the butler at Offgrange House

Davies: a groom at Nuttenford House

Fosticue, an attorney

Gopal: owner of an eating-house for lascars near the East India Docks, formerly General Yeomans’ cook

Peter Lasalle: deceased poet friend of Mr Walter Yewall

Lorimer: a widowed former lady’s maid

Sarah Miller: the Wallaces' nurserymaid

Plender: the Marquess of Offgrange’s valet

Joseph Roberts: infant son of Seraphine and Roberts

Sal (Jupp): Nell’s younger sister, preferred to the post of maid at the mews cottage when Nell joins Clorinda’s household as an undermaid

Sam (Jupp): eldest brother of Nell, employed at the livery stable in the mews

Major S-: Major Scott, Bengal Army of the East India Company, very devoted to snakes

Barton (Barty) Wallace: infant son of Sir Barton and Susannah Wallace

Caroline (Cara) Z-: infant daughter of Lady Zellen by Reynaldo di Serrante

A mongoose is added to Josh’s menagerie

Volume 11: Changes in station and new characters

The Marquess of Offgrange has married Lady Anna Merrett

Lord Abertylld is engaged to Charlotte Brumpage

Lord and Lady Demington have a son, Arthur

The Earl of Nuttenford has left for the United States (Washington), leaving affairs in the hands of Lord Undersedge

Herr Paffenrath has married Fraulein Hahn (who is pregnant) and is now working as a correspondence clerk in German for the Knowles’ enterprises

Reynaldo di Serrante and Mr Walter Yewall have sailed for Boston

Miss Richardson has had a child by Danvers Dalrymple, but they do not marry because of her theatrical career

Mrs Bassett: housekeeper at D- Chase

Miss Frances C-: The Honble Frances Cheston, daughter of Lord Cottrestone

Sir T- D-: Sir Theophilus Datherell

Lord F-: Baron Fendersham

The Honble Robert G-: Mr Robert Gartslade, son and heir of Baron Gartslade

Heston: lady’s maid to Lady Gartslade

Hoskins: Mr Hacker’s manservant

His Grace of H-: the Duke of Humpleforth

Sir T- I-: Sir Thaddeus Iggleden, a magistrate in Northamptonshire

Lady I-: the Countess of Isbiston

Miss Millick, ‘Milly’: governess to the Merrett girls

Lord M-: The Earl of Mallascend, an Evangelical aristocrat

Selim Pasha, a Turkish gentleman visiting England

Lady Rosamund S-: Lady Rosamund Saxorby, daughter of the Earl of Pockenford, sister of Lord Demington

Volume 12: Changes in station and new characters

Marriage plans proceed agreeably for Miss Netherne and Mr Lowndes, and the Reverend Mr Lucas and Agnes Simpson

Lord Abertyldd and Charlotte Brumpage are now married

Mr D-: Mr Dorringe, a curate, late fiancé of Lalage Fenster

Lalage F-, Cousin Lalage: Lalage Fenster, cousin to Lady Nuttenford, daughter of a clergyman

Rebecca G-: Rebecca Gold, niece to Jacob Samuels

Miss Harriett: Miss Harriett Barnard, one of three sisters running a girls’ school near Hitchin

Kelly, a groom at Offgrange House

Herr M-: Herr Muller, a Bavarian businessman resident in London

Julia P-: Julia Perrott, the daughter of an East India merchant of Mr Knowles’ acquaintance

Polly (Mitchell): a new maid in Lady Bexbury‘s household

Lieutenant Q-: Lieutenant Quallant, RN, an officer in the Admiral’s squadron

Lord S- W-: Lord South Worpley, heir to the Duke of Humpleforth

Ritter von T-: Ritter von Teudelheim, a Bavarian nobleman interested in agrarian improvements

Miss T-: Miss Tomsett, an actress in Mr Jenkin‘s company

Lord W-: Lord Wayseth, son of the Earl of Mallascend

Mr W-: Mr Worriley, owner of the livery stables where Mr and Sam Jupp are employed

*Gentlemen who have enjoyed, or supposedly enjoyed, Clorinda’s professional favours at some time or other

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