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Madame C- desires to make an announcement in the publick service

It was put to me, by those that appreciated this account, that there were those that would desire these memoirs in a more compendious and portable form. We are ever indebted to the inestimable services and skills of Mistress [personal profile] clanwilliam that made Volumes the First to the Twelfth of these memoirs available as what are known among the cognoscenti as, ebooks. However, your amanuensis has now been about the task of editing and correcting errours with a view to publication not only in electronick form by that esteem'd publisher, Sleepy Wombatt Press, but also in pretty bound volumes for such as prefer 'em in such form.

Volumes the First to Seventh: The Comfortable Courtesan, Rustick Exile, A Change of Station, Old Enemies, New Problems, Dramatick Rivalry, Domestick Disruptions and Society Favourite are now available, in forms suited to several e-readers and also as pretty bound volumes, by way of the website, where there may also be found a deal of useful, instructive and mayhap even entertaining information relating to these works, including notes and annotations on the allusions in the memoirs.

Those that wish to be beforehand of intelligence concerning these works, forthcoming volumes, and certain free offers, are adviz'd to follow @MadameClorinda on Twitter.

Madame C- also desires her amanuensis to reiterate, to those that have a desire to emulate her good friend that goes by the style of HotUtilitarian in writing what is call’d fanfic, that several works can now be found at AO3, and may indeed be added unto by those that so desire. Indeed, words can hardly convey her most exceeding gratification at being a Yuletide fandom.

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